26 Dec 2011 | La Nueva España
Spaguetti Carbonara
Cook the spaghetti in salted water.
- Grate the cheese and cut the bacon into small pieces.
- In a pan with little oil, fry the bacon until it changes color slightly.
- In a bowl beat the egg yolks (one per guest), cheese, pepper, and watch the salt, cheese usually takes.
- It is best to start by putting in small amounts, until the yolks and make a cream cheese and egg fails to know.
- Drain the pasta once it is boiled.
Incorporate cream dough into small portions and stir quickly and keep adding.
- You should not cook the egg.
- Add bacon he scoured the whole time and is served hot.

Ingredients for 4 people

20 ccs de oli


400 grams de espagueti


4 egg yolks


1 pinch of black pepper


150 grams pecorino cheese, Grana Padano


1 pinch og salt


120 grams of smoked bacon

What´s New

" San Juan Market Pugibet, is almost a "comidoteca", a food museum well worth a visit if only to see their exotic goods ." Getting there

por: Jorge Domínguez


Our History

Market of San Juan E. Pugibet

The market for "san juan" meet 56 years to distribute unique products and even surprising, making it a noteworthy point in the city of Mexico.

With a popular celebration, the market "San Juan Ernesto Pugibet 77" celebrates 56 years of existence in its current location and name, the day dedicated to the saint that bears its name, the June 24, 2011.

This popular market has the distinction of being the only one in Mexico and the world, known internationally, providing a variety of products sometimes impossible to find elsewhere. This is a remarkable space, where a range of aromas, colors, flavors, textures, open a world of possibilities to hitherto unknown and forgotten the feeling aroused, especially when they test infants for the first time something that will cause curiosity.

Don Ernesto Pugibet owner of the tobacco was "good tone" stood there in the middle, his will was to inherit the land for the market and mobile facilities that are facing today, also a church also donated close, which at first was dedicated to John the Baptist and believed, without being able to tell, that's where the name comes from the market, from the district of San Juan and the square of that name.


“ What are these tomatoes how? "-Sometimes hear the question of new visitors to the dark orange hemisphere. "Are not tomatoes lady called Persians", and so, as with the patience to explain every day a new person who is little known fruits are on display. With a knife cut a slice to give it a try. in fact, surprised to taste a sweet fruit, soft flesh and flavor that resembles nothing. and the explanation follows: "persimmons should be eaten ripe, as green sewn mouth." ... And as this surprise there are many more…


The halls are cheeses of all kinds, imported the finest, exotic meats like ostrich, crocodile, buffalo, wild boar, birds and others that if you do not know where to get, there is, as the rabbit, turkey real , quail and more.

The corridors also saved the mysterious oriental vegetables and condiments, names difficult to retain the first, to the grocery are worthy of mention, canned goods and other products imported from different regions of the world, knowledgeable and discerning palates.

In the San Juan market brings together chefs and gourmets tastes that are there, but being a popular area of course is open to the public, yet is almost unknown and unappreciated. Worldwide famous, as much has been said of him in Europe and other publications that reference latitudes of this space, however, own nationals, even more, the capital-spend without knowing of the existence of a site as fascinating. It is from these points of magical realism that make the city of Mexico, a city with much to explore yet.

San Juan market was not always so, its origins date back nearly 120 years ago, when it was known as a market Iturbide. There are all kinds of food retailing and appliances for the few inhabitants of the capital, later, Mr. Ernesto Pugibet, who gives name to the street where the market stands today, donated the land for the creation of this space commercial, in fact, the old market Iturbide is divided into four parts and a majority is the market for San Juan.